About KSC

Khalid Scientific Co. is a unit of Khalid Corporation which has 14 companies under its umbrella. Khalid Corporation has diverse business interests in fields like cement, IT, aluminium etc. Khalid Scientific Co. started in 1971 as a distributor of healthcare products. Now Khalid Scientific Co. is a major player in the field and has expanded its business to pharmaceutical and consumer products also.

We command a sizable market share in medical imaging and medical consumables segments too. We have grown to be amongst the top distributors of healthcare products through dedicated service and innovative marketing. Apart from able leadership, trained engineers and experienced staff are our strengths.

Ever increasing market requirements have necessitated acquisition of modern warehousing facilities supported by excellent logistic department. The past decade has seen KSC growing by leaps and bounds. Acquiring major agencies against tough competition has added to the stature of KSC as a major distributor in the market.

Starting as a distributor of healthcare products, Khalid Scientific Co. has now extended its presence to many other segments like education and consumer products. This has enabled KSC to cater to the ever increasing market demands

The company now has staff strength of close to 100 including finance and logistics departments.

Khalid Scientific Co. is associated with
many major manufacturers in different fields from all parts of the world. We are the market leaders in the medical laboratories segment.
Some of the divisions have sub-divisions based on specialties and sub-categories for better market coverage.
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