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Quality Management System

"In Khalid Scientific Co., we believe that Quality is not an ACT to follow, but a HABIT that we practice daily…"

QMS guarantees a standard, formal and continuous approach regarding quality management that is aligned with KSC’s goals and objectives. Guided by our quality policy, company rules and all applicable laws and compliances in Qatar, we exist to ensure that operational provisions will meet and/or exceed customer expectations and all interested parties.

Our Goal

Our main goal is higher customer satisfaction and in order to realize this, QMS defines the organizational structure for quality management, covering the roles as follows:

  • Support for each division, and completes the link between the OPERATIONS, FINANCE and the MANAGEMENT
  • We act as a “WEDGE” that both holds the gains achieved along the quality journey and prevent good practices from slipping.
  • We implement and uphold an effective quality management system for steady and continuous development.

What We do

QMS takes part in every aspect in KSC, from planning to execution and development and as a general practice we plan, we do, we check, and we act.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, to meet standards and achieve consistent quality, QMS has been established to create management programs, processes, quality assurance procedures and controls, to support operational activities and objectives.

Following are the core responsibilities of QMS:

Customer Support

Customer Support duties in QMS which emphasize customer focus. It is in this scope where we give significant attention to building up our relationship with our customers through:

  • Complaint Handling
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Interaction

Quality Systems

Is mainly focused on the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards. In this area, we concentrate on the proper implementation of KSC’s processes and procedures based on a predefined set of quality assurance, quality control measures and guidelines to ensure fulfilment of our goals and objectives in every step of our company operations and for system development. We don’t just focus on the quality of our products and services – which is a given, but we equally strive for improvement to achieve higher quality in all aspect.

Management & Compliance

Distribution agreements, Agency authorizations, Supplier contracts, statutory compliances and Regulatory affairs are some of the main concerns of Contract Management & Compliance. These are matters that may impact KSC and are of legal. We in QMS, support each division/department in reviewing relevant documents before any arrangement. Ensuring that any such terms Policies, requirement and/or any related clauses do not conflict with our quality policy, objectives, company rules and / or any existing compliances and mandates. And we maintain documentation of each for record-keeping. 

In KSC, we take pride of our employees and their commitment toward our goals. And we value their dedication for self-development to perform better in their duties and responsibilities as part of our team.

In Performance Management, we do goals alignment and performance appraisals. It is where we promote involvement and improve employee effectiveness.

Together, we set objectives, evaluate progress and summarize achievements. And accordingly, we assess each employee’s performance and training valuations, to give recognition to their contributions in the attainment of our goals.

Where We Are:

With our ever-growing number of employees, and developing dynamic operations, QMS makes every effort to assist each division/department, to make sure that KSC’s system is relevant to our current requirements and that it is appropriately utilized for the attainment of our goals and objectives.

Currently, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified,and we are keen to have maintained our conformance based on yearly audit surveillance.

Depicted below are the recent results based on our OBJECTIVE MONITORING records– that makes our accomplishments and confirms our commitment toward

The above result with the audit report provides a basis for our developmental plans, at which we conduct a management review meeting to redefine processes and workflows as applicable. As much as making sure that we are providing quality to our customers to achieve higher customer satisfaction, QMS also guarantees to maintain fair and consistent returns to stakeholders and other related parties.

Quality Policy

Khalid Scientific Co. is committed to providing quality medical, scientific products and services which complies with the specified & implied requirements of our clients.

The management and staff of Khalid Scientific Co. are committed to complying with ISO 9001:2015 and applicable legal and statutory requirements. We are committed to comply with customer requirements and strive continuously to improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System throughout the organization and customers related services.

The objectives of our company are fulfilling the customers’ needs and expectations, achieve a higher customer satisfaction level by providing timely, high quality, cost-effective products & services to customers while giving a fair and consistent return to all related stakeholders.

Khalid Scientific Co. continues to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by establishing, reviewing and accomplishing our quality objectives and enhance the competence of employees by providing information, awareness, supervision, consultation and training.

The Management of Khalid Scientific Co. ensures this policy is communicated, implemented and maintained throughout the organization.

What we are aspiring for

Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we never have to stop getting better. Thus, we continually seek to develop our system and operations thru progressive learning and adaptation of appropriate methods and techniques to improve our services and ultimately to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

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