As exclusive agents for many giants in the field, KSC enjoys a place of pride as far as laboratory equipments are concerned in Qatar. KSC could achieve this due to the unparalleled service provided to the customers. Being very sensitive equipments, KSC is only a phone call away to attend to any emergencies at any time of the day.

Our laboratory coverage has more than 75% market share - the applications include haematology, virology, immunology, histopathology etc and blood bank too. Laboratories in the hospitals of Qatar are able to function with no interruptions with the help of the quality of our equipments and our timely service.

Nikon microscopes form part of our range. Also KSC has the privilege of installing the first Neonatal screening system in the region.

Due to the service support that we provide, our customers are assured of uninterrupted service thus ensuring patient care 24 x 7!

For more details from this division, please email to us: lab.div@khalidscientific.com

Some of the divisions have sub-divisions based on specialties and sub-categories for better market coverage.
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