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Educational & Lab Supplies
The past few years have seen tremendous growth in the country in the educational sector with more than 40 new schools opened and also the advent of world class teaching facilities like College of North Atlantic, Weill Cornell Medical College etc. This division was created to meet the constant requirements of the education sector in the country.

Partnership with students and teachers is our forte and helps in our mission of understanding customer requirements and providing solutions to meet their expectations. We cover all the segments of education - early years of learning, playground equipments, school lab requirements, laboratory furniture and fittings, computer based lab, teaching resources and aids, physical education and fitness products.

Universities, private and government educational customers form our core customers.
Lab Supplies
In addition the division is also concerned on providing genaral laboratoy equipments and supplies, covering the need of research and industrial laboratories in Qatar, such as environmental, petroleum testing and inspection etc. with partners from US, UK and Europe. The division is able to provide high quality and reliable services.
For more details from this division, please email to us: education.div@khalidscientific.com
Some of the divisions have sub-divisions based on specialties and sub-categories for better market coverage.
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