Hospital Furniture

As distributors of Arjo Huntleigh, we are capable of providing complete range of hospital furniture. The range includes state of the art electric beds, patient transfer systems, overbed tables and many more.

Emergency carts and all other types of medical carts, I.V. poles and all such other accessories are also supplied by us. A complete range of furniture and equipments are also supplied by us, from EMS Physio.

O.R Solutions
As agents for MAQUET and HERAEUS, KSC provides comprehensive solutions for the Operating Room. MAQUET provides operating tables for various surgical applications with a wide array of surgical lights from HERAEUS. Moreover, MAQUET also offers the latest technology for remote surgery and KSC is well equipped to install and maintain such equipments.

Apart from high-end equipments we also provide wide range of products for the O.R like instrument tables, I.V Poles and such minor O.R furniture and a score of consumables for surgery.
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Some of the divisions have sub-divisions based on specialties and sub-categories for better market coverage.
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