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Khalid Scientific Co. is an innovative, dynamic and highly specialized company that provides medical, pharmaceutical and scientific products & services – of the highest quality.

PaSER and CCS-centric Data Analysis with timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer

We developed PaSER (Parallel Database Search Engine in Real-Time), which performs database searching in parallel with data acquisition on a high-speed timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer.


Trace Elements and Mineralization: The benefits of combining micro-XRF and SEM-EDS/WDS

In many economic deposits the element or mineral of interest is a trace component. However, the ability to identify these elements and minerals depends on how they occur.


Meaningful learning for enhanced patient care

Philips Healthcare Education can help unlock the full potential of your staff, technology, and organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education. Our comprehensive, clinically-relevant courses, programs, and learning paths are designed to help enhance operational efficiency and provide high-quality patient care


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